Training Tailored to Your Needs and Lifestyle
  • Injury Prevention & Rehab

    Muscle Imbalance, Movement Compensation, Instability
  • Personal Training

    Stability, Strength, & Endurance
  • Athletic Performance

    Speed, Agility, & Skill

A facility designed to meet every need of an athlete

Our programs specifically address issues faced by athletes of all levels and are designed to help you overcome those obstacles efficiently and effectively while reducing the chance for injury. All training programs are customized to meet individual training goals and are based off of our initial assessment. We have attained 

extraordinary results for both individuals who are embarking on a new journey, world-class athletes, and every level in between. This range of experience and our unique training methodology enables you to get a program that specifically addresses your needs, accommodates your lifestyle, and facilitates the accomplishment of your goals.

Want to get better at this?

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The heart of what makes BIOMechaniks different

Our studio was designed for the individual who wants a peaceful, personal environment in which they can accomplish their goals—thrive in their wellness journey.  We believe that to achieve your goals you need symmetry between the mind and the body.  Train the mind and the body will follow. To obtain this symmetry, we incorporate a functional approach to training.

Functional Training is an integrated approach to strength training focused on exercising multiple muscles and joints together instead of working muscles in isolation. This type of training emphasizes



the body's core musculature creating greater strength and stability while reducing chance of injury. We believe that in order for you to adapt a healthier lifestyle or achieve a greater level of performance, you have to develop habits that make the most of both your physical and emotional strengths. We utilize movements and situations that you incur within your everyday life to help facilitate this.

A holistic approach to injury

Our studio focuses on a holistic approach to each injury, encompassing a complete evaluation of the injury and the surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have caused the injury.

We have rehabilitated injuries for high school and college students, amateur and professional athletes, service persons, executives, and everyday individuals who want to bounce back from an injury or surgery in the most efficient and effective manner.

Charlotte, NC

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