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Corporate Wellness Program

Successful companies know the importance of healthy employees. When people look and feel their best, they perform better. Productivity goes up, employee morale increases and the atmosphere within your business takes a turn for the better. Your employees will appreciate that you're interested in their overall health, which likely will reduce employee turnover.  On-site wellness programs have many benefits including: Reduced Absenteeism; Reduced Turnover; Positive Return on Investment; Sick Leave Use Reduced; and Lower Health Care Expenditures. BIOMechaniks offers a unique and strategic approach to identifying individuals at high risk for developing work and lifestyle related diseases. What makes our program different

from others is the fact that we come into the work environment and engage with your employees to determine their struggles and what would help them to be more productive. The goal of our health promotion program is to provide the education, support and motivation needed to make long-term lifestyle changes and improve the overall health of each company's employees.

Executive Experience

BIOMechaniks provides an executive experience that takes place at your office or “in retreat fashion” over the course of 3 days. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their health and develop strategies to help them manage their stressful days and high travel schedules. The Executive Experience is conducted in a

small group atmosphere with instruction from industry leaders on behavior modification, nutrition, health and wellness, and exercise. Executives’ leave with a personalized, training and nutrition plan designed strategically to meet their needs, goals, and lifestyle. In addition, BIOMechaniks provides follow-up with participants to ensure that your executives receive the support, training, and nutrition counsel they need to stay healthy and active regardless of how busy their schedules are each day. Executives can then apply their new knowledge into their workplace, leading the healthy movement for their company. 


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