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"I have trained with BIOMechaniks for the past two years and I enjoy training with them very much.  I have found them to be very knowledgeable on all aspects of physical fitness.  Their workouts are geared to what ever your personal goals may be and will be challenging for your level of fitness.  They explain and demonstrate exactly what they want from you and are very conscientious about making sure their clients perform the exercises properly and in correct form to ensure the maximum benefit." Linda S. 


"I am recovering from a spinal fusion. Yusuf has got me walking better and moving easier than I have in years. His knowledge of kinesiology and his ability to put that to practical use to help my body heal is truly incredible. He knows how to push me to my limit, but never too far. For me, he is as much a physical therapist as a trainer." Bea Q.


"Unlike other practices, I don't go in and do the same thing every time. Each time is new and sessions depend on the problem at hand. Excellent listening and response. I am so pleased with my progress. I feel that I have made such progress, and learned so much about how to help myself. I am grateful for finding you!" Penny Eisenberg


"A few months ago I contacted Yusuf Boyd regarding knee soreness. in 2011 I had a meniscus repair accomplished, but the knee pain never went away. I worked with a variety of professionals in the medical field with partial results for several years. Yusuf provided a very thorough evaluation followed by weeks of education, appropriate body stretches and confidence that things will improve if I stick with his recommendations. And that's exactly what happened. The pain has gone away with the prescribed work. I learned about the body working as a complete machine and feel that I have renewed options physically." Gene B.



“I have been to everyone in town and was finally referred to Yusuf. He was able to quickly identify my real issue and help me correct the problem. I still go to him and will continue to do so. He is the best in town at was he does." Bill O.

“When Yusuf was with the team he went the extra mile to ensure that we stayed healthy and always helped manage injuries effectively. You can count on him to take good care of you…” Rudy Gay – Forward NBA

"My experience with BIOMechaniks was a huge lifestyle change for me. When I met Yusuf for the first time, I was obese. He put me on a path of living healthier. After a few months, Yusuf introduced me to Billy Tune and he took over working with me. Billy is awesome and never let me quit. I lost over 80lbs in less than a year. I would recommend anyone call BIOMechaniks and meet with any of the coaches. You will gain lots of knowledge and look and feel better in the process. It has been a year since I stopped my workouts at BIOMechaniks and I am still exercising and eating healthy. I have not gained any of the weight back. Thank you for helping me change my lifestyle!" Sandra Source - Medtronic

"I like the total body functional workout from strength training, to core, balance,.....and all the use of resistance bands is less stressful than gym equipment. I like the attention I'm given in each session and I like that my training fits into my triathlon training." Cindy S.

"Yusuf is the best trainer I have ever experienced. He instinctively knows when to keep pushing out of the comfort zone and when to throttle back. Yusef's knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics gave me peace of mind that I was in safe hands. He helped me gain the strength and confidence to comeback from injury to athlete. Even during the toughest workout, it was fun, he always got me to smile and laugh. They are the most enjoyable butt kicking sessions I have ever had." Renee W.

"I feel so lucky to have Yusuf guide and coach me. He listens to my needs and concerns and finds ways to make me perform better in my swim, bike and run. He got me to my first full Ironman injury free and strong as ever." Jack H.

"I have a radically fractured L2, a compressed upper spine, permanently fractured wrist, and bad legs. Yusuf rose to the challenge of helping me to develop a workable plan that could help me get my strength back as well as improve my general fitness. His understanding of human kinetics and his willingness to find ways that make my recovery possible are truly an asset. Over the years I have continued to use his early recommendations to continue maintaining a level of fitness that amazes my doctor. I would recommend Yusuf to any person interested in improving their health and fitness. He is a professional of the highest caliber, is very personable, and most important, a person who enjoys his profession and is seriously interested in helping people improve the quality of their life" Dennis Manley 

“Yusuf is an incredible trainer!!  I have a significant scoliosis curve both in my thoracic and lumbar spine.  I had been having a considerable amount of pain that would often be aggravated by doing either the wrong exercise or the right exercise the wrong way.   Yusuf was able to assess my physical condition accurately and came up with a plan that not only helped me strengthen my core thus improving my back pain, but also through working out with him I was able to lose 10 pounds of fat and tone up considerably!!  I am in much better shape and my back pain has been greatly reduced from working with Yusuf” Gretchen Purkey, RN,BSN 

“Yusuf is a good guy, he always has your best interest at heart and will do what it takes to keep you healthy. He is also a competent Athletic Trainer and manages athletic injuries well.” Dahntay Jones – Guard NBA

"Yusuf is first class! Truly a professional that knows what he is doing. And always patient and excellent at teaching and explaining. My wife and I would highly recommend Yusef as a trainer and his programs as a very effective means to better your Motion Efficiency as well as stability." Glenn P.


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