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    Challenging Convention, Redefining Ideals

Why BIOMechaniks

Our mission is to provide a unique and holistic array of services within the health and wellness industry, which challenge convention and redefine ideals while maintaining an unparalleled level of customer service. When searching for a personal trainer or strength and conditioning specialist you will come across many websites and advertisements. How do you know whom to call?

How do you know who is reputable, who really judges their success on your success or who is providing the service in a half-hearted manner?  In truth, you won’t really know until you work with someone but as you do your initial evaluation you should question potential trainers’: motivation, education and credentials, experience, references, and as importantly, their approach.

Good choice, we're really good at this!

Our Approach

Biomechanics is defined as the study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body, especially on the skeletal system and the study of the mechanical nature of biological processes, such as heart action and muscle movement. We named our studio BIOMechaniks because we focus on the internal and external forces that affect your performance, health and wellness. 

Rather than just focusing on waist size or weight, we teach clients to view their improved conditioning in the context of their whole selves. Through education we empower clients to harness and utilize their abilities to reach their health and wellness goals.


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