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Youth Sports

In today’s society the youth sport movement is growing at a rapid rate. Club sports are seeing increases in participation as well as school sports. The demands placed on our youth are great; we push them to their limits only to push them more. Many kids are playing multiple sports to figure out what they enjoy best or are the best at, but where preventing sports injury and proper sports performance training come into play? It is not just about improving strength, speed, agility, and skill. You have to allow adequate rest, teach them how to move properly in an athletic environment, and most importantly, teach them how to take care of their body. Working together with your organization’s goals, BIOMechaniks works with athletes on or off-site, providing various levels of support while being in constant communication with your team’s coaching staff.

At BIOMechaniks we use our sports medicine background to provide individualized athletic performance programs for youth athletes age 11 and up that:

  • Detect and correct improper movement patterns
  • Create functional stability and strength
  • Reduce chance of injury
  • Properly prepare their body for their sport
  • Teach them about the demands placed on their body and how to recognize issues and notify you, the parent, so that we can take corrective action.

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Sports Clubs/Teams

BIOMechaniks offers consulting to support your team’s staff and to supplement athletic performance, nutrition, and sports injury rehabilitation needs. Working together toward your organization’s goals, BIOMechaniks works with athletes on or off-site, providing various levels of support, while being in constant communication with your team’s coaching staff. Team consulting opportunities include:

  • Pre- and off-season sports training
  • Off-season training for athletes with body composition issues
  • Pre- and off-season athletic performance testing
  • Educational seminars focused on areas specifically related to your team’s needs


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