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There is no off-season for endurance athletes and at BIOMechaniks we understand that. Whether you race competitively or just want to improve your overall cycling fitness, BIOMechaniks can provide customized plans to take your training to the next level. We take a more intensive approach to training by allowing riders to focus on specific abilities that are important at all levels of experience. 

We also believe that every athlete, regardless of age, experience, or ability, should ride a bicycle comfortably and efficiently. Therefore, we use the renowned Retül bicycle fitting process to deliver the most exceptional fit experience anywhere. Whether you’re new to the sport, a longtime enthusiast, a triathlete, or a competitive cyclist, our services will improve your cycling performance.

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Saddle Demo

BIOMechaniks understands that choosing a saddle can be difficult. Most riders need up to two weeks in the saddle before determining if it is a keeper. Therefore, we offer an extensive selection of demo saddles. Demo the saddle up to two weeks before you buy. If that saddle doesn’t work, bring it back and exchange it for another. The 

Saddle Demo Program costs $50. 

When you decide which saddle to purchase, the $50 will be deducted from the cost of the new saddle. If you should decide not to purchase a saddle through our program, the $50 fee is non-refundable. 


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