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Post Injury Confidence

Post Injury Confidence from BIOMechaniks on Vimeo.

Quality of movement should always be your main priority. However, sometimes you have to just let individuals move

after an injury to re establish confidence. This is one of those times...execution is not perfect but the mental sensation of moving without pain/discomfort when that has been the norm for a long time will help make the road ahead much easier...#sportsinjury #athleticperformance #performanceenhancement #Charlotte #tennis #BIOMechaniks

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Athletic Stability

Athletic Stability from BIOMechaniks on Vimeo.

Here we are working on control after explosive movements...many injuries occur upon deceleration...

Developing power is one thing, having the ability to control it is's like having a Ferrari with Volkswagen brakes, an accident waiting to happen! No matter the age, when progressing an athlete back to full function there are many variables that come into play...the most important being stability. As humans we operate in a three dimensional environment and athleticism makes it even more dynamic. Whenever we begin with athletes we always evaluate and assess to determine any movement compensations or muscle imbalances that may inhibit efficient movement. We then design a program to not only correct those, but enhance performance beyond previous levels. The athlete in the video is a former D1 soccer player who is now in his mid 40's and just wants to be healthy and re-live some of his most athletic days through exercise and golf. He was experiencing a lot of back pain and other issues from a sedentary work environment. After progressing through our program designed specifically for him and his lifestyle, he is now able to do things he thought he never would be able to again (he was told this) because it caused him pain...that's in the past now and fun days are ahead!

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Kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell Deadlift from BIOMechaniks on Vimeo.

Kettlebell Deadlift

Sometimes there's nothing better than keeping things simple. The KB deadlift is often performed with poor technique. Notice how her hips hinge with her ankles to keep her center of gravity over the KB. Most individuals do not hinge the hips enough and as a result, bend over from a lack of dorsiflexion. Performing with that compensatory movement pattern allows the low back to do most of the work when it should be the glutes, quads, and hamstrings....

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Ball Combo II

Ball Combo II from BIOMechaniks on Vimeo.

When performed properly, Ball Combo II is great for scapular stability in overhead athletes or anyone with scapular stability issues.

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Enhancing Performance

Resisted Lunge Forward and Reverse focusing on Stability from BIOMechaniks on Vimeo.

Stability = Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement is not always about the top 3: Speed Agility Power Those are required but if the athlete does not have the mobility to use it and the stability to control it effectively, what good is it? Mobility and Stability enhance performance just as much as speed, agility, and power development, if not better! Think more integrated when working with athletes, not focusing on just one aspect of performance enhancement but all aspects... BIOMechaniks: Train the Mind and the Body will Follow

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